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Alechia Reese

Welcome to Got Value? Nation

Discovering the #ValueinPurpose Together

About Us

Being a professional success, but a personal mess is no way to live.

Join a community of executive professionals who are dedicated to living and establishing full lives where professional success and personal fulfillment are aligned. Our members are creating lives that not only look good, but feel good too!

We focus on using practical tools, and creative strategies to: 

  • Clarity the vision for your life
  • Establish actionable steps to intentionally build it
  • Perform consistent analysis of our actions to reinforce our vision. 

Inside the community, we bridge the gap between our skills and intrinsic value through the following:

  • Weekly podcast episodes with global leaders and executives
  • Bite-size leadership trainings
  • Invite-only in-person & virtual events
  • Interactive and introspective personal development activities  

Our goal is to provide every member with the tools to define, articulate, and live in and on purpose.  

Discover With Us

No matter how many awards you hold, promotions you’ve landed, or goals you’ve achieved — none of it matters if you’re not fulfilled in the work you do. We all have value, and understanding how our skills, know-how, and innate talent feeds our purpose and drives our mission is one of the greatest discoveries of our lives.

We’re all spirits having a human experience and our skills serve as beacons throughout our journey. Remember, your skills define your value, your value informs your purpose, and your purpose guides your mission. Time to discover what that is!

Listen In

Listen in to the Got Value? Podcast with your host Alechia Reese, join us as we explore the #valueinpurpose through intimate conversations with leaders and executives who are committed to intentional growth, purpose-driven careers, and fulfilling personal lives. 

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